Thursday, March 3, 2011

$50 Even Steven

The little man and I hit the grocery store this morning for the 3 Day sale at Hy Vee. The sale prices on strawberries, OJ and a few other items were super great, but I was still marveling at the regular price of a lot of necessities...milk (again,) a loaf of bread, a lb of non-organic apples ($3.50!) etc. I'm sadly feeling the need to really pinch the budget again. As the price of gas continues to rise, the price of groceries will too. Today I also found myself reading nutritional value on boxes of cereal and loaves of bread before I decided what to purchase as I remembered that being "smartly" frugal means that nutritional impact matters more than price per ounce when you're feeding little people (or anyone for that matter.)

I don't have my receipt in front of me to list everything that I got, but I think I did pretty well! We came in at $50.00 even before tax. ($55 after our nearly 10% food tax in Kansas.) I also picked up a bag of fun sized Take 5 bars and a Edy's ice cream half gallon (or whatever the actual size has shrunk to) that are not pictured. What was that I was saying about nutrition? Oh well, everyone needs a little treat now and again!

Meal time with the new little guy has been interesting, to say the least! Since I'm nursing two kids, I barely have time to eat at all! Most of my meals are spent hovering over the counter with a bowl of cereal sometimes WHILE nursing the little guy. (This explains the excessive amounts of cereal in recent posts.) I've also been feeding a lot of cereal to the girls in the morning. I'm still trying to solve the mystery of how to get three kids AND myself ready AND get everyone breakfast in the morning. So far, we can manage a bowl of cereal for the girls and a granola bar for mommy in the car on the way to school. (Does anyone have any great breakfast tips for me?)

For meals for the rest of the week, I have a few things planned. This afternoon I'm going to try a new recipe for blueberry bread. Other meals this week will include manicotti, frozen pizza, turkey sandwiches, strawberry smoothies, and cheese and onion enchiladas and whatever else I can dream up!


  1. Hey there!
    I have been reading your blog for about a month now.. :) I love it by the way..
    I'm wanting to start up a blog again myself.... :)
    But always seem to fail at keeping up lol
    You were talking about bread and everything.. I was wondering have you ever considered making your own bread? I know it scared alot of ppl to make it.. because it seems really hard.. but it's easy... and really yummy.. :)and then you know exactly what's in your bread :)
    Just a thought :)

  2. I haven't tried, but I have considered it! Do you use a bread maker? I had borrowed my mom's archaic bread maker to give it a shot, but it got ruined in a basement flood before I got around to it!

    Maybe one of these days. : )

  3. I use the bread maker when I make like bread sticks and rolls.. purely for the dough though.. because it does all the work for you hahahaha.
    then I just take it out and shape it into whatever I'm making and wala.. So easy :) Now when it comes to actual bread then I just make it by hand because I usually make 2-3 loafs at a time :) and my bread maker usually wont even do 1 :)

  4. Have you ever tried doing your enchiladas in a crockpot? I grew up with my Mom always making homemade enchiladas, and I have too. A few months back I decided to give a crockpot enchiladas recipe a try and I fell in love! I assemble them in the crockpot in the morning then they cook and the crockpot turns to keep warm when they are done. I use corn tortillas and they are soft and the cheese is all melty and gooey. So yummy and easy!

  5. As for a breakfast item, have you considered making breakfast burritos? With Easter coming up eggs should be a great price! Buy small tortillas, cheese and eggs. Then just scramble them up, put eggs and cheese in torts and wrap them in plastic wrap. They should keep in the fridge for about 5 days and also work great when you freeze them. I used to do this with my kids and me so we would have some breakfasts that had protein.

  6. I just recently started making breakfast burritos now and again -- usually for dinner! We all love "Mexican" food, and my littlest girl loves ketchup. I'm able to "dress" them to everyone's liking, so they go over well! I haven't tried making them ahead of time though. I should try it!

  7. Do you like oatmeal? There are a lot of great recipes for crockpot oatmeal. We're having crockpot banana cream oatmeal this week. :)

  8. We do muffins for breakfast here. My husband likes them because they're quick and easy to grab. I add a banana for my daughter and it works pretty well.