Saturday, August 22, 2009

Feelin' a little dumb. I went over because I totally forgot to give them my $10 gift card. Well, I remembered after it was too late. Whatever.

I got...

1 dozen eggs (1st time I've bought eggs not on sale in a LONG time. Oh well.)
1 Dinty Moore chicken breast entree thing (This was HORRIBLE.)
1 package of store brand tortillas
1 box of Kellogg's Cinnabon bars
1 box of Cascadian Farms Dark Chocolate Granola(I'm noticing that it looks like my $1.00 did not ring on this item)
1 Nature's Path Optimum Weight (or something like that) BTW, I think they've over charged me $.50 on this cereal THREE times now. I'm going to have to remember to say something.)
1/2 gallon of Organic Valley whole milk
1 Farmland Cider House bacon
1 Hormel Meat Loaf
1 Hormel all natural ham
2 Danimals smoothie packs
2 8 oz bricks of generic cheese
4 2 litres of various Pepsi products
2 pints of blueberries (my girls ate an entire one AT the store)
1 cantaloupe
1 lb pumpkin seeds (My 3 year old LOVES pumpkin seeds. Weird, I know.)
9.45 lbs of peaches (On sale for $.99. I am afraid this is the last I will see that price. I'm going to have to make a BIG batch of "baby's favorite" ((homemade peach applesauce that my baby easts for breakfast EVERY morning) to make us through for awhile!)

Total after tax was $48.57.I saved $12.75 with coupons. That figure paired with our other shopping trip for the week is a REALLY good coupon savings week for me, so I'm happy!

In other news, my coupon binder is a messsssssssssssss. I've GOT to do something about it this week.

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