Thursday, December 30, 2010

Popsicle Bribery

We managed to scrape by the Christmas holidays without going over budget. I made two quick runs to the grocery store. I'm sorry I didn't share them. I just didn't have time! Go figure! I also am feeling like a dummy because I made three new, wonderful dishes that we ate without me ever taking a picture of! So silly! The picture is the easy part! Oh well!

We stopped by Hy-Vee today. I've been able to avoid it for awhile, but I had both girls along this time. I bribed my little girl to stay in the cart by allowing her to pick a box of popsicles at the end. I bribed my big girl to let the little one pick the popsicles by telling her she could have whatever special treat I chose for myself. It worked brilliantly. Only problem being that popsicles consumed about 10% of our grocery budget for the week.

I still am not pretty low on appetite. I don't care so much right now about stock piling, coupons, whatever. Heck, I even bought a few things that were FULL PRICE. I just need good healthy food that either myself or my husband can prepare easily and will definitely get eaten. AND, I really need to stay on budget. This week we got:

4 half gallons of generic OJ
1 dozen eggs
1 box of Fisher Boy fish sticks
1 package of Green Giant broccoli Steamers
2 Jacks pizzas
1 can of generic Toffee peanuts
1 lb of generic fettuccine
1 can of black beans
4 jars of Jif PB (Thank goodness this was on sale because I was FRESH OUT of PB for the tiny PB monster.)
2 boxes of Town House crackers
1 package Pepperidge Farm gingerbread men
1 loaf of Sara Lee 100% whole wheat bread
1 box of Bomb Pops
1 box of Cappuccino Fruit a Freeze (Somehow I always have an appetite for these!)
1 bag of frozen Tyson chicken breasts
10 lbs of Braeburn apples
1 lb of Navel oranges
1 can of Kraft grated Parmesan

We came in right at $50 before tax.

I don't have an elaborate menu plan for this week, but I do plan on making a new fettuccine with broccoli recipe tomorrow night for our NYE dinner. If I can manage to take a picture, I'll definitely share! Of course, you know with that 10 lbs of apples that I also have a batch of baby's favorite coming. (Apple/Pear this time, and it's already in the crockpot!) I may also throw together some of my mom's chicken and rice casserole. It's such a great recipe for my husband and the girls to reheat while I'm at work. I'm also definitely feeling like I should make some cranberry orange scones! It's been a long time since I broke out the old scone recipe!

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