Saturday, April 9, 2011

Busy Mommy Tries To Shop

Ever felt like you're the only one that can't quite pull things together? Let me assure you, you are not! I was a mess this week! I really needed to have a good grocery week this week, and I just failed miserably. I BARELY got a list together. I hadn't thought through the meals I could make with sale items. The coupons I managed to remembered were a mess. By the time I got to the store it was 8 PM, and I'd been up since 5:15. I hadn't had dinner either! I was a train wreck!

I tried to come in around $40.00 this week, but I ended at $45 after tax. It isn't an awful total, but it sure could have been better.

Like I said, I didn't have any time to pre-plan a menu. I will have to pair what I have in my stock pile with what I purchased for this week. I think we will have cavatini and baked potato soup for our "nicer" dinners. I'd also like to try to make a double batch of whole wheat pumpkin bread for breakfasts. Other meals will include simple things like black bean burritos, PB&J, grilled cheese and tomato soup. I'll pair those items with an easy fruit or green salad, and we'll be good to go! With our crazy busy schedule, those meals suit our lifestyle the best!

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  1. Give yourself a break you do so well with working and the little ones! My God I wonder how you do it!