Monday, April 4, 2011

Dorito Salad

This is another recipe from my mom's kitchen. It was always one of my FAVORITE dinners when I was little. Now, my kids love it too. It's such a great way to get a balanced meal in to little people tummies!

There is no real recipe for this dish. Just use whatever you like on your taco salad! (Here, I've used lettuce, cucumber, black beans, cheese and salsa.) Then, add your "secret" ingredients -- Ranch dressing and Doritos! The second "secret" is to toss all of the ingredients together before you serve the salad! The nacho cheese from the Doritos mixes in with the Ranch dressing, and it is AWESOME. I promise.

When I serve Dorito salad to my little ones, I chop up the lettuce and other vegetables in to really tiny pieces. Then, I crush up the Doritos and mix everything together. That way they can eat their "salad" with a spoon and get a bite with veggies, black beans and Doritos in every bite. They absolutely love it, and I love that they're eating greens without complaint!


  1. I make this salad, except I use Catalina dressing. It is always a hit. I need to try it with the Ranch dressing.

  2. Well that is a new use for Doritos. What fun. I might actually eat my veggies if I had them with Doritos!!

  3. This makes me think of my mom's version. She always used Fritos and Catalina dressing. I loved it when I was growing up. I'm going to give this version a try. We love Doritos so how can it be bad, right? My kids are gonna love me :)
    Thanks for sharing. I'm stopping by from Tasty Tuesday.

  4. Oh wow - I saw the name of this recipe and had to come over and check it out. It sounds delicious.