Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Sad, Sad Tale...

I haven't updated with a final picture and the recipe that I used for my first apple pie. It's taken me this long just to admit to myself what really happened.

I know you are all asking, "What really happened?"

What really happened is this...

After a super long Christmas day that included a sick husband and three kinds 5 and under, I slaved away making that beautiful first apple pie for our celebration with my in laws. I was successful in constructing the pie, and I figured that was half the battle. I'd used a tried and true recipe, so I know it would have tasted just fine at the very least.

Now, I can't account for the flavor because I never got to taste it.

As we were loading the car on the day after Christmas, without my knowledge, my husband set my first apple pie (in my new Crate and Barrel pie plate) and a bowl full of homemade salted caramel ( in one of my favorite latte bowls) on the washing machine. That was running. I was buckling my girls in to the car when I heard a crash and a shatter. Everything tumbled to the ground and landed in a million apple-y pieces on the garage floor.

My father in law called the incident an exercise in "character building." I might have failed.


  1. Oh my.... that is sad. Find comfort in knowing that we've all sooner or later will experience something similar.

  2. Oh no!! It probably doesn't help, but I think we've all had that happen once or twice. But why is it always the fabulous dessert in the new dish? Never the really healthy vegetables, or the whole grain something or other....always the dessert.