Saturday, October 17, 2009

I actually had time to get my coupons in order before I went to the store. That is always my biggest help! I did, however, have two really tired children with me when we hit the store after dance at 8 o'clock last night. We made it though, and I thought we had a pretty good trip!

Here is a breakdown of items --

2 lbs of generic unsalted butter
1 dozen generic eggs
1 box of Pampers wipes
4 lb bag of C&H sugar
1 bottle of generic cinnamon
2 packages of Musselman's unsweetened applesauces
4 Ragu spaghetti sauces
2 Skippy Naturals PBs
1 Sobe water
1 box of Kashi Vanilla Organic Promise
1 box of Kash Happy Trail Mix cookies
1 box of M&M ice cream treats
3 boxes of Hormel sausages
1 half gallon of Heartland Dairy hormone free white milk
2 half gallons of hormone free chocolate milk (Didn't realize Roberts has HFC. I'd prefer not to buy this kind again!)
1 big tub of Robert's cottage cheese
1 package of Cascade Action Pacs
about 6.75 lbs of bananas
4.5 lbs of apples
1 lb of carrots
1 package of celery

My pre-tax total was $41.77. I saved around $15.00 with coupons, and as usual with Hy-Vee, I don't know what I saved on sale items. However, every LAST item on this trip was on sale, the number should be pretty good! For the record, I'm planning on having my mom pick up a huge bag of fish sticks with the difference. My family LOVES them, and I think they are so great to have on hand when you're tempted to run through McDonald's or something. (Which of course, IIIIIIIIIIIIIII never do, but my HUSBAND, AHEM.)

I was very happy to stay under budget today, but I will admit that even after our trip things are looking a little sparse! I mean, we'll be FINE, of course. (I wouldn't ever put us at risk!) There are times where this project stretch us a little bit -- especially as we have cut out eating out almost entirely. This is when I start praying for good sales next week!

We have chicken noodle soup and apple crisp on our cooking agenda for the day. I'll try to get back and post the recipes later! I'm also sensing there is some banana bread in my future. Sure seems like we can eat it faster than I can make it!

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