Sunday, September 18, 2011

The not quite $50 grocery project...

I've been stalling on updating...

Because I'm sick. And really tired. This was a CRAZY week. It wasn't bad at all. Just CRAZY.

So yes, long story short, we went way over budget this week. I never  Until this weekend, I never did take that extra money from my husband's unemployment check to build our stock pile back up. We decided to deposit what is left of his unemployment money in to our savings account, but I needed to buy some groceries first. I really didn't have a plan, per say, but I wish I had!

I keep thinking that if we can get a leg up, we can resume our $50/week budget and rebuild our stockpile. Actually, after this week, we have to. We don't have any breathing room in the budget. I'm a little worried since I have an extra mouth to feed these days! It took Archer awhile, but he's finally decided he likes to EAT. Like...A LOT. His favorite is butternut squash that I steamed and pureed. So silly!

I sort of lost track of how much we spent, but it was around $80-$90. The above picture is a combined trip to Hen House and Price Chopper. I also went to Hy Vee where I got milk, sugar free popsicles, and I can't remember what else!

Our meal plan for the week looks a little like this,

Friday - frozen pizza

Saturday - cereal / frozen pizza again (embrassing!) / meatless chili

Sunday - chocolate chip oatmeal /  cheese and spinach quiche  / snacky dinner

Monday - apple pumpkin baby's favorite / brown bag lunches / BLTs

Tuesday - 100% whole wheat cinnamon toast / brown bag lunches / spaghetti and red sauce

Wednesday - cereal / brown bag lunches / fish sticks and fries with fresh fruit

Thursday - smoothie popsicles / brown bag lunches / Hawaiian chicken rice bowls

Friday - 100% whole wheat cinnamon toast / brown bag lunches / something from the next week's groceries

Snacks will be yogurt, apples, pumpkin applesauce, banana peanut butter smoothies, string cheese, and cottage cheese.

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