Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hy Vee Shopping Trip

I'm a little late updating, obviously! I feel like I have been SO busy since the school year started. Dance, homework, Bible study and having my husband gone an extra day on top of what I am used to is wearing me out! We've also been dealing with a lot of allergy related illness the last few weeks. I'm still trying to keep up with our grocery project updates, but it is sure getting hard!

When I got home from the store, I thought I did really good with our $50, but even as I am writing, I'm realizing our fridge is looking empty. I just didn't get much to put in it! Hopefully we'll manage because I have about $12 for the rest of the week left to cover anything that might come up between now and then.

Our meal plan for the week looks a little like this,

Saturday - pumpkin smoothies / burritos at Taco Bell / chicken and potato bake

Sunday - went to church without breakfast / vanilla Dutch Baby with country store fried apples /ham and cheese sandwiches

Monday - bagels with pumpkin cream cheese / brown bag lunches / crockpot chicken and wild rice soup (We didn't have this last week.)

Tuesday - cereal / brown bag lunches / tuna noodle salad

Wednesday -cereal / brown bag lunches / broccoli and cheese baked potatoes

Thursday - pumpkin smoothies / brown bag lunches / grilled cheese and tomato soup

Friday - apples with peanut butter / brown bag lunches / crockpot black beans and cheese

I have a few recipes I need to find time to add. Hopefully I'll find some time to share how I've been making pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin smoothies and the new chicken and potato bake that I made last night some time this week!

In the early days of our $50 grocery project, I used to panic a little bit when it felt like we were low on groceries. These days, I've learned that we usually fly through the week, and we're on to a new start pretty quickly. Hopefully that we'll be the case this week!

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  1. love your menu and love the ideas I got from it hope to save a bit of green as well thanks come see me at

  2. Whenever I am feeling like I am running low on both food and money, I tend to realize just how much food I actually have stored in the cupboards and freezer- maybe not my favorite foods, but plenty to eat, and plenty to enjoy.

    I will have to add the chicken and wild rice soup to my list. I am making chicken broth this week in the crock pot, and was trying to decide on a good soup to use it in, and this sounds perfect.