Monday, October 3, 2011

$50 week grocery project (30th Birthday Edition)

I'm running super late (again) updating this week. We've had a busy week celebrating my birthday, and I am, once again, fighting off a sinus infection.

The above purchase was right around $22 after tax at Hy Vee. I also went to Hen House and Price Chopper where I got milk, cheese, yogurt, apples, and I don't even remember what else now.

We stuck almost perfectly to $50 this week, and I will tell you that my fridge is already looking BARE. Lucky for me, I have a few birthday coupons laying around that I will be able to use, but the budget doesn't really allow for a whole family affair. I will probably use them mostly for lunches this week. Thankfully, my kids don't seem to mind sticking to the super simple and cheap favorites too much. Heck, they don't even know the difference. And, to be honest, they've been eating really well lately. I'm proud of what well rounded eaters they are!

Here is our menu plan for the week, starting with yesterday. Saturday is a distant memory.

Sunday - cereal / Mexican buffet with family (I took black beans and queso.) / Mexican buffet leftovers

Monday - cereal / tuna noodle salad and apples / cavatini and a garlic Boboli

Tuesday - smoothie popsicles / brown bag lunches / egg in the hole

Wednesday - 100% whole wheat cinnamon toast / brown bag lunches/ vegetarian chili

Thursday - cereal / brown bag lunches / broccoli cheese baked potatoes

Friday - smoothie popsicles / brown bag lunches / Little Caesars at dance

Snacks will include our usual banana smoothies, cottage cheese, pumpkin applesauce, yogurt, PBJ and whatever else I can come up with!

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