Saturday, October 8, 2011

My intentions were good...

I didn't get a picture of my groceries last night. I didn't get home until almost ten, and I had been going strong since 5 AM. I was just exhausted. I wanted to get things put away and GO TO BED. So I did.

I did a really bad job menu and grocery planning yesterday. I DID manage to get a list done, but as soon as I got to the store, I realized I hadn't even considered what I was going to actually cook or making anything new this week. So irritating. If I don't have a meal plan in mind, I end up with a bunch of random stuff. Of course, that is exactly what happened.

I spent $48 after tax, and I got cheese, a ton of yogurt, Sun Chips, canned pumpkin, dried black beans, granola bars, pears, salad mix, bagels, waffles, and I don't even remember what else. I at least did end up with some good lunch items, which is helpful because we had been running very low on lunch items.

That being said, I'm short a few items to make meals. I'm going to make another quick run for apples, cream cheese, cream of chicken soup cream. There I said it. We can't live without ice cream around here. We've given up soooo many luxuries lately, that I think ice cream is a relatively fair one to keep as long as I buy it on sale.

My husband is finally starting his regular work schedule at his new job, so we're starting a new tradition - crockpot Monday! I'll be working different hours on Mondays for awhile, so he'll be in charge of having dinner ready when I get home. Yay for me! I need a break! Thursdays, we have Bible Study, so we're switching over to a leftover night. (We're reading the book Practicing the Way of Jesus, if anyone is interested.) On Friday, we have to eat SUPER fast between school and three hours at the dance studio. I'm trying really hard to avoid fast food and am having reasonable success. The biggest problem is that we're usually just about out of EVERYthing!

Our meal plan for the week will be something like this,

Saturday - egg in the hole / birthday lunch out / my mom's chicken and rice and salad

Sunday - bagels with pumpkin cream cheese / grilled cheese and tomato soup /chili from the freezer

(We really drag out the birthday thing around here. Today is actually my bday.)

Monday - pumpkin smoothies / brown bag lunches / crockpot chicken and wild rice soup

Tuesday - cereal / brown bag lunches /breakfast sandwiches

Wednesday -cereal / brown bag lunches / tuna noodle salad

Thursday - pumpkin smoothies / brown bag lunches / leftovers

Friday - apples with peanut butter / brown bag lunches / crockpot black beans and cheese

I'd really like to do some baking this week, but I'm not sure I'll get to it! I've really been craving some apple cider scones, though!

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  1. Sounds like pumpkin is a dominant theme! My guess is, like me, you opened a can of pumpkin to make the pumpkin cream cheese, and now you have to figure out what in the world to do with the other 7/8 of a can?

  2. That's about right! Thankfully, my kids all really like it, and I figure it is a great little healthy addition to just about anything sweet!

  3. one way to help when you have to do fast food. Try going through the drive through order just sandwiches when you get home add some sides from your pantry and your own drinks.

    I would buy just chicken and add baked beans
    just hamburgers and add applesauce
    you see you can make it a bit cheaper and get something to go with the fast foods
    Arby's roast beef and corn on the cobs
    Try it sometime it does work.