Monday, January 16, 2012

Groceries for a busy week...

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. To add insult to injury, I was super sick with strep throat last Monday and Tuesday. Nothing like getting sick at the beginning of the week to derail everything I had planned! Not to mention we had a birth in the family on Tuesday and a death in the family on Saturday. Sometimes life just gets crazy!

The above picture is from Hy-Vee where I did most of my shopping this week. I spent right around $40. I also spent around $10 at Hen House on blueberries, apples, graham crackers and a half gallon of ice cream to bribe my three year old that needed a splinter extraction.

The only major meal event I have planned for tonight is homemade chicken noodle soup. I'm making a double batch to send to my sister in law's new family of 6 for dinner tomorrow night. I'm also sending a can of biscuits and a bag of salad. So, a part of our budget went to feeding an additional family this week. I've said this before, but I'm always amazed we are able to do ANYTHING for anyone else on $50 a week. I call it the loaves and fishes principle.

Here is our meal plan for the week,

Saturday - yogurt / leftover chili / dinner at my mom's (I took Icebox Boston Cream.)

Sunday - graham crackers and fruit / surprise lunch out at Chipotle / corn dogs and salad

Monday - blueberries and yogurt / PBJ and apples / chicken noodle soup and salad

Tuesday - Banana cheerios / brown bag lunches / biscuit breakfast sandwiches

Wednesday - bananas and yogurt / brown bag lunches / baked potato soup

Thursday - Banana cheerios / brown bag lunches / egg in the hole and apples

Friday - blueberries and yogurt / brown bag lunches / Little Caesars at ballet

We will be snacking on trail mix, yogurt, crackers and cream cheese  and various fruits and veggies. Next week I'm hoping to have a chance to try out some new meals over the weekened!

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  1. I am amazed you are able to keep your grocery budget so low! Keep up the good work.