Sunday, January 22, 2012

The return of the coupon...

We're preparing to go to Colorado in two weeks for my aunt's memorial service, and with that unexpected expense, we've REALLY got to be stretching every penny. I really have not had great success with coupons over the last several weeks, but this week was finally an exception. I only hit Hy Vee with my $45. I came out around $50 after tax, but I also got an almost $3 refund on an overage from last week. I saved about $12 with manufacturer coupons, and I also used a few store coupons for a total of another $10 or so. THAT is a success for me. Usually I stick much heavier to buying loss leaders, but I was very thankful to be able to do both this week. I also did a lot of filling in the gaps with simple items (black beans, cream cheese, bananas, tortillas) to make use of some of the things we already have in our pantry.

Here is our meal plan for the week,

Saturday - 100% whole wheat bagel thins / leftover pizza from last week / stuffed shells and salad

Sunday - graham crackers and fruit / easy enchiladas and our favorite bean dip / Pei Wei as a special surprise from Daddy

Monday - blueberries and yogurt / PBJ and apples / egg in the hole

Tuesday - Banana cheerios / brown bag lunches / slow cooker black beans and rice

Wednesday - bananas and yogurt / brown bag lunches / tortellini soup

Thursday - Peanut Butter cheerios / brown bag lunches / homemade hashbrowns and eggs

Friday - bagel thins / brown bag lunches / dinner out at my husband's work banquet

We will be snacking on trail mix, crackers and cream cheese, pumpkin cranberry muffins and various other snacks.

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  1. What a great job you always do. I didn't shop this week because I broke the bank last week. I am praying the food last almost until the end of the month with only one additional trip to the store on the 28th or 29th for produce and possibly milk and orange juice eggs and bread if needed I have about $50 left to spend this month but that always seems to go so fast. I don't know how you do it every week. I did get lucky a few weeks back and bought some Turkey sausage at .24 for each package they had all types the ground, Italian, and the breakfast Jeni O turkey I grab what I though we could use.Last week I stretched a chicken to 5 meals this week I am hopeful to stretch some pulled pork for 5 meals.Groceries are outrageous as far as I can tell. I just recently stopped buying soda pops of any kind. We will see if that helps the grocery budget and the waistline. Added bonus could be the teeth too.

  2. They are outrageous. I'm not going to pretend like I'm not having a hard time too! I buy pop with my personal spending money sometimes, and I also have been buying bread at the bread outlet and milk at $1.99/gallon at Aldi with family spending money. We have $50 a week, so I hate to do that. It's just about the only way we are getting by right now!

  3. ahhh...this is a little inspirational for me .... I can't make it on $75 a week for 3 (not even 3 full time eaters!) ... just totally blew the grocery budget last night (Costco trip) ... thinking I need to just push myself for a No Spend 28 Day Challenge. Yikes. Congrats (and now I am going to link on some of them recipes!)