Saturday, February 18, 2012

$50/week grocery project (No Coupon Edition)

This week was a massive planning ahead fail. I have a HUGE stack of coupons I didn't get through because I can't find my scissors. The grocery ads were also AWFUL (save for a Kraft deal.) I had planned on making a meal plan and a list during my lunch break on Friday, but that is always a horrible idea. I never end up actually getting to TAKE a lunch break, and yesterday was no different.

I found myself at Trader Joes with only an exhausted baby last night. I picked up a few things for quick and easy meals, and then we hit Price Chopper for $.99/lb chicken breasts and cheese. My after tax total from both trips was $47. It's sure looking like $40 isn't going to get us very far this week! And how about that lack of produce? YUCK. With my extra $3, I'm going to buy a package of tortillas and a can of enchilada sauce. That will at least net us another meal! I'm sure I'll pick up a few other things while we're there because this will just not cut it!

Some of the meals on our agenda for the week are easy cheese calzones, orange chicken with fried rice, cavatini, cheese and onion enchiladas, and pancakes and eggs. We have plenty of cereal and baby's favorite for breakfast. Making lunches may be a problem! It seems like we EITHER have meals for the week OR snacks for the week. We rarely have an abundant supply of both! This week we have meals, I guess!

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