Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Marathon

I think marathon runners are awesome. I wish I could run like that, but oh, the asthma! Truly though, lately I've been feeling like every day of my life is a marathon. Especially Fridays! Yesterday I was full speed ahead from 5:15 AM - 11:30 PM. By 6:30 ALONE, I had gotten myself ready, given the baby a bath, ordered a birthday cake and arrived at work. *whew* This is actually only day three of a week long marathon. In the next few days we have my oldest daughter's 6th birthday, a baby shower, volunteering and consigning with Just Between Friends, a CPCU exam, and leading Bible study. Oh yeah, and I have a full-time job. And three kids 5 and under.

I didn't get to my coupons until late last night, so I tackled two grocery stores with three kids this morning. It was relatively painless. It just took about twice as long as normal with Saturday samples for 3 kids, a few bathroom trips, playing a reading game for a reward with my 5 year old, etc., but we made it!

The picture is from our bigger trip to Hy Vee. At Hen House I picked up some sugar pears, sour cream, Activia, Tostitos, cream of chicken soup and some almost free candy bars.

The main meals on the menu for this week are My Mom's Chicken and Rice and Crockpot Mexican Chicken. I also will probably try to getting around to making a few loaves of Bananas 'N Cream Bread. Other than that, we will be flying but the seat of our pants, but hopefully still eating as healthfully as possible! Last week "healthy" was a stretch so this week I'm going to try to give flying by the seat of our pants AND healthy a better shot!

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