Saturday, February 20, 2010

We made our third grocery stop of the week, and I was really happy to not go over budget by more than a dollar and change! Usually going to three stores is a one way ticket for me to go over budget, but I think I did pretty good!

Here is what I got --

1 bag of generic dried apricots
1 case of generic bottled water (free)
4 boxes of macaroni and cheese (Although I think I only got 3! Hard to tell in my picture!)
2 4 packs of Musselman's Healthy Picks applesauce
2 boxes of Nutri-Grain bars
2 Hormel refrigerated dinners
2 packages of Kraft singles
4 kiwis
4 bags of cranberries

My pre-tax total was $19 and change. I saved about $8.75 with coupons. Unfortunately, I don't know how much I saved by purchasing sale items.

I was really excited to find cranberries for $.50 a bag again. I found them right after Christmas in the produce section, and I cleaned them out. This time, I found them frozen with the fruit. Once again, I cleaned them out. I have a really great stash of frozen cranberries in the fridge now. I need to make some cranberry almond bars and pumpkin cranberry muffins some time soon. Yum!

Considering my attachment to the Daniel fast this week, I don't have a detailed menu at all. Too hard to think about that food! I will be eating fruits, veggies, whole grain pasta and nuts. The rest of the family will be enjoying things that I won't be cooking -- Hormel entrees, frozen pizza and mac and cheese. They'll miss some of my yummy cooking, but I bet they won't mind too much!

See this week's other purchase here.


  1. Good job. Looks like you know how to shop for quality and savings.

    Yaya's Changing World

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  3. Do you have a Big Lots by you? They have Musselman's Natural Unsweetened Apple Sauce, 100% American Grown Apples, 62 oz
    (huge) for $3.