Monday, July 25, 2011

Free Godiva Chocolates

Last week, we had a few spare hours in between activities, so we hit the mall for one of my favorite freebies! Did you know if you join Godiva's rewards club, you can pick up a FREE CHOCOLATE in the store once a month? Both my husband and I have a card, and we've each gotten a free chocolate of our choice many, many times. A lot of times they're also sampling something in store, so we'll get one of those too! They're also usually generous enough to dig up something for our kids, whether it be a free sample or one of their foil wrapped squares for tasting.

I really recommend signing up for this. It is great fun, and I love the sweet treat -- especially a free one!

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  1. mmmm I'm gonna have to let my Momma know about this one! Her favorite!



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