Sunday, July 24, 2011

$50/week grocery project on unemployement week #3

I'm really late updating this week. We had a really busy weekend with a Lemon-Aid stand, Papa's birthday and my sweet middle daughter's 3rd birthday. In a stroke of stupidity, I accidentally deleted my grocery pictures for this week. Instead, here's a picture of my sweet thing,

I actually spent a little closer to $40 on groceries on Friday because I went over budget last week. I stupidly thought my husband's unemployment would be available to us by this week, but it will be AT LEAST another 2-3 weeks. (My stupidity is running rampant!) Bummer.

Ok from my purchase on Friday, let's see what I can remember...

A few pears
A few peaches
7 or so boxes of Kraft macaroni
Several loaves of 100% whole wheat bread
Several jars of PB
A package of chicken
A gallon of milk
A dozen eggs
A few cans of refried beans
A bottle of Minute Maid Juice with DHA
2 bags of salad mix
1 lb of bacon
A tomato
A few boxes of cereal

We've already made a pretty good dent in the groceries I bought. Our menu plan looks a little like this for the week,

(Last) Friday -  macaroni and green salad
Yesterday - mango lassies, frozen pizza and applesauce, BLTs
Sunday - smoothie popsicles, lunch at Nana's, fish nuggets
(Daddy will be in charge of lunches at home for the week. I'll be eating bean tostadas or PBJ.)
Monday - smoothie popsicles, crockpot BBQ chicken and fresh fruit
Tuesday - cereal, french toast with homemade blueberry sauce
Wednesday - smoothie popsicles, bean and cheese burritos
Thursday - cereal, eggs and hashbrowns

Treats and snacks will be leftover cupcakes, pudding pops, jello, cottage cheese, fresh fruit and veggies, etc.

I'm learning that to make our $50 stretch to cover ALL of our meals and snacks (including my lunches at work,) we're having to eat VERY simply...even more so than before. I'm focusing pretty hard on building up our pantry and working really hard to find some new recipes that we will all like. I have a few I am really looking forward to, but most will have to wait for a good sale to pick up some of the ingredients!

For more menu planning, see


  1. I think it's pretty impressive that your able to stretch your $50 to feed a family of 5, plus pack your lunches with that food as well. You motivate me to really get my food spending under control. :)

  2. I've got a tip for you to help cut down some too. Make your own refried beans if you use them often. Rise/sort a bag of dry beans, put them in your crockpot with the amount of water suggested (I eyeball it now I've done it so much!), let them cook on low. By the next day around noonish they'll be nice a soft. I then take some out and put them in the food processor or use a potato smasher and smash them up. Tada! You can add fat and seasonings to your liking for just eat them how they are!



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