Saturday, July 30, 2011

Welcome to our new normal...

I have great news! My husband got a job! He was only officially unemployed for about 2.5 weeks and we are so thankful. We feel like that is a GREAT blessing in this economy. We are a little concerned because he DID take a significant paycut, but we really feel as though he has a great future with his new company. There is a lot of growth potential in his new job, and at his old job there was literally NOWHERE for him to go. We're thankful that we're in a position where he CAN take a paycut in order to experience something new. It will definitely be a stretch for us, but we will be able to continue to save for retirement, keep a sinking fund towards a new car and hopefully be able to save for our kid's college here and there. All of those things are very important to us and hopefully as his income grows, we'll be able to add in some additional savings opportunities. We trust that God knows and will provide exactly what we need!
So, welcome! Welcome to our new normal. 
(Except, he hasn't started his new job yet, and we don't have a start date, so we're technically still in limbo.)
This week I took a $20 bill from our gift fund (that is quickly draining and will not be replaced) to make a special dessert for my mom's birthday and also to host a family of 7 for a picnic dinner tonight. 

Our first stop was to Price Chopper. I spent $22.27 after tax. My savings was $29.95.

I haven't made it on our second little trip to Hy-Vee, but I will update later today with groceries purchased and this weeks EATING AT HOME meal plan!

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